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Drennan AS8

Drennan AS8

Stock Code: FOAS08004

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0.4g - £2.35 - In Stock
0.6g - £2.35 - In Stock
0.8g - £2.35 - Out of Stock
1.0g - £2.35 - In Stock
1.25g - £2.35 - In Stock
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2g - £2.45 - Out of Stock
3g - £2.35 - In Stock


The AS8 are available in eight sizes from 0.4g all the way up to 3.0g. The classic shape is tried, tested and popular, making these floats a really versatile pattern, ideal for deep lakes or slow-moving rivers.

They are perfectly balanced and the long carbon stem offers good stability.

Each float comes with four highly visible, solid plastic tips in red, yellow, orange and black allowing the angler to select tip colour and change it as light conditions alter, without changing the rig or float.

Miniature precision engineering was needed to ensure a secure, perfect interference fit between the tips and the float. Together with the super tough acrylic paint finish, AS8ís also feature a strong black stainless steel spring eye, double wound to avoid the line getting trapped or pinched.

Sizes 0.4g to 0.8g come with four 1mm diameter tips and 1.0g to 3.0g floats come with four 1.25mm diameter tips (1 black, 1 red, 1 orange, 1 yellow).


Four solid interchangeable plastic tips included with each float (1 black, 1 red, 1 orange, 1 yellow)
Carbon stems
Designed in conjunction with five times World Champion Alan Scotthorne
Highly buoyant balsa body
Classic shape
Super-tough acrylic paint finish
Black stainless steel spring eye
Hand built and assembled in Drennanís own factories

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