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Drennan New Carp 2

Drennan New Carp 2

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0.2g - £1.95 - In Stock
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0.8g - £1.95 - In Stock
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The Carp 2 is a rel­at­ively long design with a diamondshaped body and hollow bristle. These prop­er­ties make it extremely stable and great for coping with sur­face tow.


The sens­ible 1.7mm tip dia­meter is also buoyant enough to allow you to drag some line on the bottom if required. It is also a great choice for presenting bigger hook baits such as worms, paste, meat and larger pellets.

As with the Carp 1, it fea­tures the same rugged paint finish, a robust carbon stem and our unique black stain­less steel spring eyes.

An addi­tional fea­ture is the Carp 2’s rel­at­ively long ‘banded tip’. This can really help to aid bite detec­tion, espe­cially with lift bites when the float is shotted to the central black band. You have a choice of redblackyellow or yellowblackyellow banded tips; depending on the colour your eyes handle best.

A wide range of sizes from 0.1g right up to 1g allows the Carp 2 to cope with any­thing from deep margin swims to large, windaffected stillwaters.

Eight sizes: 0.1g, 0.2g, 0.3g, 0.4g, 0.5g, 0.6g, 0.8g, 1g


Highlybouyant balsa body
Supertough acrylic paint finish
Black stain­less steel spring eye
Durable carbon stem
1.7mm hollow Glow Tip
Special banded tips for improved bite detection
Tips strengthened with a spigot
Concentric con­struc­tion
Eight sizes from 0.1g to 1g

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