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Tricast XRS Easy Reach Handle 8ft3

Tricast XRS Easy Reach Handle 8ft3

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Tricast - XRS Easy Reach Handle 8ft3 - In Stock



All of these handles are made using our super strength XRS (Xtra Reinforced System) manufacturing technology seen in our respected rod and pole ranges with the same brand name. These handles come complete with double reinforced over wraps as well as brass fittings, and pins throughout as standard.
In keeping with the rods and poles these handles offer the same attributes of being slim, light and deceptively powerful, just as every landing net handle should be, but also displaying great strength for such small diameter sections.
The first T/A model at 8/3inch offers great versatility, as well as being a conventional 2 piece handle there is also a 3rd section which is approx.12inches long, designed to push over the end of the first conventional section of your handle. This detachable end piece comes complete with a threaded end fitting allowing you to remove when you want to put your fish into your keep net directly from your landing net. This is much easier and quicker as you don’t have to control a great long handle.



Phil , Mar - 2014

Superb, strong handle for the money and excellent service (cheap & quick delivery) from Bobco.

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