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Stinky Stuff Crayfish

Stinky Stuff Crayfish

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Stinky Stuff - Crayfish - In Stock



Stinky Stuff Crayfish was developed after a study into a Carpís natural food source.

There has been many reports of the amount of Crayfish now abundant in waters across Europe and our research led us to understanding how Carp are consuming them not only as a food but as an essential makeup of their diet.

Stinky Stuff Crayfish - Our Crayfish flavour is designed to be Nature Identical and sends out a signal to Carp believing the chemicals that come off smaller Crayfish are in their territory.

The Carp WILL search for the key Aminos from the food source and the rest is up to you with your hook baits, presentation and rigs. The strength of the Stinky Stuff Crayfish formulation will draw fish in to your swim from a wide area, with even the wisest of fish being stimulated into feeding with confidence their natural foodstuffs are in the area. Stinky Stuff Crayfish has been responsible for landing all sizes of Carp, with the biggest so far being 47lb. Crayfish has proven prolific as far as the USA with Bass anglers spraying this Stinky Stuff on to lures. The key attractants again stimulating the fish to search for the food source.

Stinky Stuff Crayfish is PVA Friendly
Stinky Stuff Crayfish can be sprayed on Any Hookbait
Stinky Stuff Crayfish is Aquatically Safe
Stinky Stuff Crayfish 100ml Can
Stinky Stuff Crayfish features Spray
Stay Technology
Anglers can spray Stinky Stuff Crayfish onto all types of terminal tackle or bait. It is 100% PVA friendly. Our team has achieved some magnificent results by spraying it on stick mixes, spod mixes and onto particles to create an explosive attractant in the water. Spraying onto hook baits creates an ultimate flavour attractant.

The Stinky Stuff aerosol can helps the formulation stick to the bait or tackle it is sprayed on to. The fact it is in an aerosol can means when itís sprayed from the can, it is projected in fine molecules, helping it to impregnate whatever you are spraying it onto. The force it comes from the can helps the formulation stick to your bait.

Stinky Stuff Crayfish is 100% aquatically safe. Itís safe for fish, safe for the environment and safe for the waters you are fishing on.

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