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Sonik Stanz 3 Rod Buzz Bar

Sonik Stanz 3 Rod Buzz Bar

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There are two models of STANZ BUZZ BARS, a three-rod and two-rod version, with two variations on width size in each model. Both the two-rod and the three-rod STANZ BUZZ BARS are constructed from a chunky, strong 16/20mm, light, high-grade aluminium and have a superior quality black anodised finish. The design on both models incorporates goal post converter threads on the underside and locking collars for alignment of alarms and butt rests.

They can also be used with a single bankstick or in conjunction with STANZ SPLIT STICKS to achieve a double or triple, single base bar set up! Alternatively, remove the goal post converter screw cap covers and use as a goal post set up or as a single stick set-up when using the centre screw fitting.

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