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Simply 8mm Bait Screw

Simply 8mm Bait Screw
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Say goodbye to the hassle and hello to efficiency with our revolutionary Bait Screws. Designed to make bait mounting a breeze, these 8mm wonders pierce and secure pop ups, cork balls, boilies, plastic baits, and nuts with unmatched ease.

Our Bait Screws provide you with a total freedom of movement, enhancing your rig mechanics and hook turning for a presentation thats not only effective but also incredibly versatile. You can count on these screws to ensure your bait stays exactly where it needs to be.

Each packet contains ten of these game-changing Bait Screws, so youll always have enough to keep your fishing gear fully stocked. Elevate your angling experience and get ready to land those trophy catches with the Simply 8mm Bait Screw the ultimate bait mounting solution.

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