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Savage Gear Diving Prey Lure

Savage Gear Diving Prey Lure

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From £5.00

9cm - Rainbow Smolt - £5.00 - RRP £9.99 - Only 6 left in stock!
9cm -Smolt - £5.97 - RRP £9.99 - Only 4 left in stock!


Match the Minnow – made with perfection! The Savage Gear diving Preys are made to match a roach minnow with perfection. Body shape, details, and movement take lure design to a new level. The lure has a built in rattle with a relatively low frequency sound, leaving a sonic footprint that mimics struggling prey in the water and drives the predators crazy!! Deep running Crank Baits are a must in your tackle box – Make room for Savage Gears Diving Prey – it is unparalleled in quality, design, and action!

Integrated Longcast System
Low frequency Rattle (Sonic Footprint)
Tournament Trebles and double-forged stainless steel split rings
Superb for Zander, Perch, Pike, Bass and any other Prey hunting Predators!

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