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Preston Tyson Carp Rods

Preston Tyson Carp Rods

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9ft Feeder - £44.99 - RRP £49.99 - Out of Stock
10ft Feeder - £49.99 - RRP £54.99 - Out of Stock
11ft Feeder - £54.99 - RRP £59.99 - In Stock
12ft Feeder - £59.99 - RRP £64.99 - In Stock
11ft Pellet Waggler - £49.99 - In Stock
13ft Waggler - £64.99 - RRP £69.99 - In Stock


The Tyson rods give you the best of both worlds, a top quality range that will cover loads of different fishing situations. But, most importantly is affordable.

The Tyson range of rods are primarily designed to cover commercial fishery requirements, however they will cross over to natural venues too.

9ft Carp feeder
Designed for casts of up to 25m, the 9ft Carp Feeder can be used with confidence when targeting both match sized carp and F1ís. Equally as good on small snake lakes when fishing to the far bank in windy conditions.

10ft Carp Feeder
Perfect for slightly longer casts of around 30m the 10ft Carp Feeder is a great all-round rod for commercial fishing with most types for feeder for carp up to double figures. The soft action blends into the butt section which powers up progressively.

11ft Carp Feeder
The 11ft Carp Feeder is powerful enough for Carp well into double figures but is also just as suitable for smaller F1ís and skimmers, a real mixed fishery rod. Suitable for casting method feeders up to around 50m.

12ft Carp Feeder
This is the distance casting rod in the range, suitable for casting large Method Feeders up to 60m+ and more than powerful enough for big match sized carp. The perfect rod for large open water lakes where itís still got a soft enough action to cope with smaller F1ís and Skimmers.

11ft Pellet Waggler
Great for Pellet waggler fishing with wagglers up to 10g, the through action will ensure that carp and F1ís are easily tamed while its responsiveness helps to hit bites at range. Can also be used for smaller standard wagglers at closer range.

All Feeder rods
2 pieces
Supplied with 2 tips - 1oz and 2oz
Flat EVA handle
Durable keeper ring
Compact reel seat

13ft Waggler
A great all-round rod for mixed species which as capable of handling bigger carp too. You can fish standard wagglers at range with this rod and the responsiveness will help hit shy baits. Also, an excellent river rods for wagglers and stick floats, perfect for Roach, Dace and Chub.

3 pieces
Flat EVA handle
Durable keeper ring
Compact reel seat

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