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Guru Fusion Bag

Guru Fusion Bag

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From £11.99

400 - Small - £11.99 - In Stock
800 - Large - £17.99 - RRP £17.99 - In Stock
420 - Long - £12.99 - In Stock


A quick and easy way of storing your gear, whilst ensuring that it stays dry and dirt free. Constructed from a specialised waterproof material this allows you to quickly clean it with no problems.

This is perfect for storing a wide range of end tackle such as pole pots, feeders, leads, baiting needles and pellet wagglers, and is also the perfect size to house a one-pint Bait Box. It’s the one you have on your sidetray to keep useful bits and pieces to hand, whilst still keeping them dry and dirt-free.
210 Features:

Compact, rugged
Keeps your essentials to hand and in top nick (perfect for pellets wagglers!)
Takes up hardly any space in your carryall!


The home for Small Rig Cases and end tackle items! The 400 can comfortably store up to six Small Rig Cases, three Small Rig Cases and one Rig box, or a multitude of small to medium size tackle items with its generous four-litre capacity. Perfect for commercial anglers using shorter hook lengths.
400 Features:

Special luggage made from rugged, washable material
Perfect for storing Small Rig Cases (will take six)
Rugged zip keeps water out!
210mm width, 180mm length, 100mm height


This is a long, thin box, made from a rugged, wipe-clean material. This can hold up to three Large Rig Cases or three Small Rig Cases and one Rig Box. The elongated shape is great for sliding into carryalls when space is at a premium!
420 Features:

Rugged, wipe-clean box
Will hold three Large Rig Cases or three Small Rig Cases and one Rig Box
Elongated shape slides into carryalls easily when space is at a premium
Zip and lid keeps moisture out


The daddy of the range! This is the one to go for if you carry a large number of Large Rig Cases or Rig Boxes or just want a safe home for larger items – they’ll be protected from moisture, sunlight and anything else that can prevent your kit from being in top condition. With eight litres of space, it can hold up to six Large Rig Cases, or three Large Rig Cases and two Rig Boxes. Anglers who use longer hook lengths a lot will appreciate the 800 with its massive capacity
800 Features:

The biggest in the range!
Will hold several Large Rig Cases or Rig Boxes
Rugged and wipe-clean construction
Zip and lid keeps moisture out

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