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Eumer North Jig Fly

Eumer North Jig Fly

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Spintube NORTH is a lure that is irresistible for pike, perch, trout and rainbow trout. SpinTube NORTH is particularly suitable for both still and running waters. Spintube NORTH comes with fast and slow sinking models. The slow sinking model can also be fished near the surface. SpinTube NORTH can be retrieved directly or fished with the Jig style. Natural hair and lifelike movement in the water make SpinTube NORTH irresistible. When a fish takes a SpinTube the tube will slide on the line and the hook alone will remain in the mouth of the fish. Hence the fish is played on a hook only and the Spintube stays undamaged. When fishing near the bottom, we recommend the FAST SINK model. When fishing near the surface or in mid water, the SLOW SINK model is the best option.

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