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Deeper Power Lantern

Deeper Power Lantern

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Deeper - Power Lantern - In Stock




Light your way through any terrain, illuminate your tent and charge your phone with this single portable lantern that weighs less than a can of beans. Every Deeper Power Lantern is quality tested to guarantee you will never go dark in the outdoors.

Ultra Bright Flashlight
Safely explore any terrain at night while noticing even the slightest details. Cast a powerful light over the entire campsite and comfortably build your tent even if itís pitch dark. You will be able to get stuff done and explore your surroundings anytime.

Dim Ambiance Light
You will never go dark with 158 hours of runtime. Read, play games, or prep your gear inside your tent long after night falls. The soothing ambient light will be there no matter what you do. Itīs hands-free and the dim adjustable light doesnít strain your eyes.

Built-in Power Bank
In the outdoors, you never know when you will need your phone. A dead battery can keep you from taking awesome pictures, sharing with your loved ones and vulnerable during emergencies. With the built-in mobile power bank, you can charge your phone, camera, or Deeper anytime, anywhere.

The lantern is so small it fits in any average size tackle box.

With 158 hours of runtime and 2 full phone charges you will never be left in the dark while outdoors.

All our lanterns are 100% quality tested in our warehouse before packaging.
The ABS + PC casing and silicone sleeve make it more durable than a standard camping lantern.
6 lighting modes: from ultra bright to very dim thanks to the 13 Cree LED lamp beads.
158 hours of runtime powered by the internal Lithium-Ion Battery with 7,000 mAh capacity.
The lantern is protected from water, moisture, dust, and dirt by the IP65 rated silicon caps.
The Deeper Power Lantern has been granted the globally recognized CE, FCC, PSE, RoHS quality standard certificates.

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