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Daiwa Duckfin Liveshad 2 pack

Daiwa Duckfin Liveshad 2 pack

Stock Code: DCKFLS20-1

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20cm : Orange Pearl - £5.00 - RRP £11.99 - More than 10 in stock
20cm : Purple Ghost - £5.00 - RRP £11.99 - More than 10 in stock
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The Duck Fin has really come to life in the shape of this Live Shad range.

Based upon the sleeker and streamlined body of a bleak with an enhanced profile via the fins but maintaining that Duckfin tail, gave our lure boffins the new shape and swimming action they were seeking. Scale texture, facial shape and even a lateral line are also carefully considered.

However it was an innovative breakthrough in printing technology, realistic, 3D modelling and full-colour print that that spawned these tremendously effective designs including an injured roach.

Suited to fast and slow retrieves the Duck Fin tail creates a strong rolling and swinging action.

On some the highlighted bright red or purple fins and tail, combined with 3D eyes on all enhance the attraction and simulation.

The special soft material is also tough and can endure multiple takes from predators. 20cm (8) 64g

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