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Colmic Airon F-66 16m UK Pack

Colmic Airon F-66 16m UK Pack

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Italian tackle giants Colmic have in the past been well-known for producing iconic terminal tackle items – just think about Jolly pole floats or Nuclear hooks – but 2017 sees a continuation of top of the range rods, poles and seat boxes for the UK market including the much-vaunted Airon F66 pole and the One Edition 2.0 seat box.
Made with Italian style and tackle know how, the kit is far from continental tackle that’s been shoe horned into working for the British market though. Each rod and pole has been designed and built with what the angler on our shores requires, coupled with extensive testing from Colmic’s consultants and top anglers to make sure each product is just right.
The end result is tackle that demands a serious look. The F66 in particular is a real gem of a top flight competition pole and there’s also feeder rods for commercial fishery work and a more ‘middle of the road’ pole in the 9401 X3 for anglers working on a budget.

Colmic Airon F66 16m pole
Few pole can have been more eagerly-awaited than the Airon F66 and the it most certainly walks the walk as well as talking the talk, bettering the preceding superb F44 model in spades to put it right up there with the best competition long poles for 2017.
A combination of lightness and strength makes the F66 a real joy to fish with at any length, whether you’re slapping pellets at 16m into open water on a commercial fishery or inching a hemp rig under a far bank bush on the canal. High performance materials and Italian design and know how produces a pole with balance and speed to hit quick bites but rigidity to ship in and out quickly plus power to land bonus fish when the time comes.
Billed as an all-rounder, the F66 comes with a range of added extras including three mini half butt extensions that can be fitted from the No 4 section all the way to the No10 section to let you fish longer distances when required plus a Force-4 Power No 3 section that when added, gives the F66 real backbone for heavy duty work.
The top kit package is impressive too with eight EC200 top two kits and a stiff cupping kit supplied, all finished off in a smart Colmic pole holdall and a measure of how much Colmic rate this pole can be seen in the two year warranty offered with the F66 – that’s confidence if ever you saw it!
Colmic Airon F66 pole package
16m pole
Eight EC200 top two kits
Force-4 section
Three mini half butt sections
Cupping kit

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