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Browning CC Silverlite SL10-12 16m Pole

Browning CC Silverlite SL10-12 16m Pole

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Browning - CC Silverlite SL10-12 16m Pole - Only 9 left in stock!



Silverlite Competition Poles - for when ultimate performance is more important than ultimate strength.In recent years poles have needed to become increasingly strong to cope with the large fish now commonplace in most lakes and rivers. However, extra strength invariably means extra weight, therefore the latest generation of poles are also heavier than their predecessors. Browning has recognised that not all anglers want or need a “power” pole. Many anglers still mainly target “silverfish”
F1s, therefore a light weight, ultra stiff and “fast” pole is more suitable and desirable than ultimate strength.

Our Silverlite poles have been purpose designed for this type of fishing and are considerably lighter and stiffer than their “power” pole equivalents. They share many of the advanced features found on our market leading Xitan poles. However, the Silverlites have some unique features specifically designed for this type of pole:

• Pre-bushed, 2 piece, topkits available with 3mm and 3.9mm tip diameters to suit light solid and medium hollow elastics
• The complete topkit is 2.75m long so correct for light hollow elastics running through both sections. The 2nd sections have reinforced bands so can be drilled to convert to side pulla kits.
• The topkit tip sections are 1.6m long so perfect for use with light solid elastics running through the tip section only, and a convenient length for breaking down at when fishing in very shallow water.
• The top sections are available separately and provide a low cost way of having a range of light elastic grades available and ready for use.
• The poles are supplied with an Adjusta Pole Protector section that can easily be cut to length to make the pole exactly 13m long.
• The Silverlite topkits and 3rd section are compatible (including length) with all Browning Xitan poles. The Silverlites are aimed at experienced pole anglers who want the performance benefits of light weight and increased stiffness, but also understand and are willing to accept some compromise on the pole’s strength.

Silverlite SL10-12 16m Standard package comprises
• 16m Silverlite SL10-12 pole
• Section 8 Adjusta Pole Protector
• Section 9/10 Adjusta Pole Protector
• 1 additional C section (traditional number 4 section)
• 4x additional 3.9mm tip, pre-bushed topkits
• 3x additional 3.0mm tip, pre-bushed topkits
• Silverlite cupping kit pre-fitted with screw connector
• Silverlite Pole Holdall

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