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Axia Drifter Float Pike Kit

Axia Drifter Float Pike Kit
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A long-range fishing float that can be used when fishing dead and live baits at ranges that you wouldn’t usually be able to cast to. Designed to be used with the wind blowing from behind you, the large vane on the top of the float catches the wind, with the bail arm open on the reel you can pay out line allowing the float and bait to drift further away. Often used by anglers who need to fish 100 to 200m out. The bright orange tip and large vane stand out against the water allowing you to visually see the float from long distance. It features a swivel for the mainline to float on and the kit comes with a 2-hook snap trace with AXIA semi-barbless treble hooks, ball weight and float stops so you can set the fishing depth. Comes with bait flags to hold baits onto the treble hooks.

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