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WYCHWOOD Big Dipper Fly Line

WYCHWOOD Big Dipper Fly Line

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Super High Floating with a 10ft tip section which sinks at 1.5in per second
Here is a fly line that can make all the difference on those days when the trout are loathe to rise, yet are happy to cruise just subsurface.

The Big Dipper is an in between line€™ which is ideal for presenting your flies, with maximum control, in that critical zone€™ the top few feet of water where most of the trout€™s feeding takes place.

The longer, sinking tip section, allows the flies to fish at a different angle to the shorter Little Dipper, it will also get that deeper down in the water column, should you need it to.

For early season river fishing applications, heavy nymphing, Spiders, down and across when it comes to presenting Steamers, the Big Dipper reigns supreme.

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