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Trakker PVA Tape 20m

Trakker PVA Tape 20m
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Enhance your carp fishing experience with our high-quality PVA Tape. Designed specifically for carp anglers, our PVA Tape offers excellent water-solubility and strength, allowing you to create effective bait presentations with ease. Its non-residue formula ensures minimal impact on the underwater environment, while the sturdy construction guarantees reliable performance. Whether youre using it for creating solid bags, mesh sticks, or bait stringers, our PVA Tape delivers superior control and precision. Elevate your carp fishing game and entice those elusive beauties with our trusted PVA Tape.
Fast melting water soluble 10mm PVA tape
Ideal for sealing heavy duty PVA bags, bait wire and attaching hair to the cast
Low residue and a PVA layer that is almost pH neutral

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