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Trakker Microfibre Session Towel

Trakker Microfibre Session Towel
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Designed to be super-compact and lightweight without compromising drying efficiency and performance, the Quick-Dry Session Towel has been manufactured from a highly absorbent material to aid with quicker drying of the skin and dries out much quicker than traditional style bath towels. It can be easily stored in without taking up lots of precious space, making it ideal for the session angler.

Approximately 6 to 7 times smaller and lighter than a conventional bath towel
Made from highly absorbent microfibre material aiding quicker drying of skin
Towel will dry from wet far quicker than a standard towel.

Caring for your Quick-Dry Microfibre Session Towel is easy using the follow advice.
For best performance wash before use
Wash up to 40C with liquid detergent (not powder and no fabric softeners)
Towels quickly air dry (if you must tumble dry be sure to use a low heat

85% Polyester/15% Polyamide
150cm x 85cm

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