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SSP Baits Freezer Boilies 1kg

SSP Baits Freezer Boilies 1kg

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Dark 15mm - £7.32 - RRP £10.99 - Out of Stock
Dark 18mm - £7.32 - RRP £10.99 - Only 1 left in stock!
Beige 15mm - £7.32 - RRP £10.99 - Out of Stock
Beige 18mm - £7.32 - RRP £10.99 - Out of Stock


SYSTEM-X Freezer range boilies are an all year round food source derived from ingredients used in the human and koi food industries to provide a high performance nutritional profile. Using cutting edge nutritional technology SYSTEM-X fine structure base mix constantly breaks down releasing amino acids

Containing refined milk proteins, 15 essential oils, pre digestive fishmeal’s and soluble nut proteins, all SYSTEM-X boilies are steamed finish to lock in the freshness of the ingredients.

Available in two sizes 15mm and 18mm, and two colour variations, Beige Gravel or Dark Silt.

When air drying bait on long fishing sessions always rehydrate your boilies with some SYSTEM-X Bait Boost Glug. Simply place your boilies in a bucket and add a small amount of glug to cover all your baits. This then impregnates into the boilies and rehydrates the bait with the same enhancers and stimulants but in a liquid form. Ideal for long sessions, and foreign trips


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