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Shimano Stradic FL

Shimano Stradic FL

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The STRADIC is already a well known and highly appreciated spinning reel which is used by hundred of thousands anglers, all over the world. Already for years and years, all these anglers have the same experience about STRADIC: strong and reliable, a reel which will never let them down. The new STRADIC FL - successor of the FK - will of course carry this same identity: strong and reliable. However, there are some new exciting features on the FL: 1. Rotation Smoothness (MicroModule II, Silent Drive) 2. Durability (Increased Hagane Gear strength, X Protect) 3. Casting Performance (Long stroke spool). This proposition makes the STRADIC FL the ideal Ďall-roundí spinning reel. It can be used for any type of freshwater fishing and is very suitable for ways of fishing where reliability and strength are important (river fishing, big fish, bigger lures). At the same time this reel is an ideal choice for saltwater inshore fishing. Because the versatile range with many sizes and gear ratioís, there will be always a suitable Stradic for every angler.

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