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Rod Hutchinson Powder Additives 500g

Rod Hutchinson Powder Additives 500g
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A Range of Rod Hutchinson powerfull powder additives.

Pure Betaine, a classic among carp fishing bait ingredients. The recommended dosage is 20 to 40g for each kg of mix.

Fat Powder
FAT Powder is the most practical way to raise the percentage of fat in your exclusive blend, allowing you to adjust your favourite recipes to different water kinds very easily. Just make sure you don’t drop too much of this into your mix, the fat percentage is over 95%! Using 100g Fat Powder for a
kg of mix will get you a fat percentage around 10%. This powder will also make the mix more easily workable.

Meat and Haemo Blood
Pure powdered haemoglobin, blended with meat from certificated abattoirs. This combination greatly increases the attractive power of a mix, and will also give your bait a unique colour. The maximum recommended dosage is 10 to 15% of the total weight of used ingredients.

Worm Hydro
Using only bestquality worm powdered extracts we created an extremely attractive blend, with a high content of proteins and aminoacids. Fishing tests have confirmed its attractive force and digestibility. You can create a very strong mix using Worm Hydo for 10 to 15% of its total weight.

Simply the best Tuna Protein Extract available on the market. Proteins of the mighty Thunnus thynnus (bluefin tuna) have long been considered among the very best ones among the ones of sea fish origin in terms of attractive and nutritive qualities. Here they are presented in their purest form,
especially treated with the best available technologies to keep the molecular texture intact. One of the most amazing surprises in this astonishing and innovative Ingredients Range.

Robin Red
Perhaps the most popular carp fishing bait ingredient ever. Of course it could not be missing from Rods ingredient range, in practical 500g bags. 100% pure attraction and nutrition!

Hyper Sweetener
Hyper Sweetner is a somewhat cryptic name for a substance extracted from citrus fruits. Its best asset is its longterm sweetening action. Many fishing bait manufacturers use this powder for their Readies, Dips and Mixes. It is here presented in its original powder form, which unites a strong
sweetening note to a powerful attractive action.

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