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Quantum Predator Fluorocarbon 25m

Quantum Predator Fluorocarbon 25m

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0.65mm - 20.4kg - £14.99 - RRP £16.99 - In Stock
0.75mm - 24.6kg - £15.99 - RRP £18.99 - In Stock
0.85mm - 31.8kg - £16.99 - RRP £19.99 - In Stock


A newly developed, high-quality fluorocarbon leader material made in Japan that combines optimal breaking strain with high durability and honest stated diameters. Q-Fluoro Carbon is very supple, excellent for tying and, thanks to its refraction index, the material is practically invisible to fish in the water. Anglers who demand top quality without compromises, particularly when it comes to leader material, will appreciate Q-Fluoro.

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