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Prorex XR Spinning Rod

Prorex XR Spinning Rod

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Daiwa has remained at the forefront of fishing tackle innovation since its founding in the 1950s and it continues to blaze a trail by bringing you the Prorex line of accessible predator fishing tackle. These products are packed full of thoughtful and effective technology that wonít bust your budget. To achieve success when angling for predators such as pike and perch, you need to have gear thatís fit for the fight. The two-section Daiwa Prorex XR Spinning Rod series offers solutions for a range of fishing contexts, all of which come with these state-of-the-art rod featuresÖ

First of all, a sensitive tip action helps with lure presentation and provides a resilient buffer against the lunges and shakes that a hooked fish will employ to free itself. This quality is due in part to Daiwaís use of high-volume carbon fibre blank layers which are wrapped around the rodís axis in three different ways, including an ĎX45í layer which sits at 45į and is the source of a significant reduction in the tendency for blanks to twist and misdirect forces when casting and fighting. The result is incredible strength and toughness from a quick-recovering rod with an extremely low weight.

The join between the XR Spinning Rodís spigot and blank has a special V-Joint design which is very slimline and light but also feeds into an even bending curve when under strain. The included Fuji TVS reel seat is ergonomic and promotes a hand position which guides your thumb and forefinger to grip both sides of the blank, serving to increase your awareness of the vibrations sent up the rod by activity under the water.

The guide rings of this spinning rod are from Fuji and feature a K-formation and resilient Alconite ring centres which have much of the resistance to wear shown by standard silicon carbide centres but weigh up to 35% less. The guide frames are made of lightweight, corrosion-resistant titanium.

This predator spinning rod is light (with weights between 95-170g), itís fast, and itís also a pleasure to handle. It has the power required to cast far and fight hard. There are twelve different configurations to choose from, each with a specific application according to the species you are targeting and the conditions of its usual habitat. Why not match it with a Prorex predator reel? With lengths ranging from 6ft to 10ft and casting weights from 1-9g to 40-80g, with much to choose from in-between, youíre sure to find one that will serve you best:

PXX602MHFS-AS: a jigging rod for catching zander, with enough punch to hook them in deeper water

PXX802MLFS-AS: a slightly longer lightweight general-purpose rod, great when used as a lighter trout rod from a boat

PXX802MFS-AS: a versatile general-purpose middleweight rod for light pike fishing, slightly heavier trout catching, and as a light salmon rod on rivers

PXX602MFS-AS: designed for light fishing, especially perch jigging

PXX1002MFS-AS: a great rod to catch trout from the shore, enables long and accurate casts

PXX902MFS-AS: a heavier trout rod for using with bigger lures

PXX802MHFS-AS: a medium heavy pike rod for fishing, easily cast lures up to 40g with a terrific fighting experience

PXX702LFS-AS: a slightly longer lightweight general-purpose rod

PXX602ULFS-AS and PXX702ULFS-AS: an ultra-light rod available in two lengths, for casting the lightest plugs, spinners, and even flies

PXX902MLFS-AS: a slightly longer and lighter trout rod

PXX802HFS-AS: a heavy pike rod, will easily cast heavier lures up to 80 grams

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