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Prorex Classic Shad 7.5cm Soft Lure Bulk Box x 35

Prorex Classic Shad 7.5cm Soft Lure Bulk Box x 35

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This amazing Combo includes
35 x Prorex Classic Shad 7.5cm Soft Lure

The Classic Shad proved its effectiveness very quickly in tests catching plenty of pike and zander right from the beginning. Featuring the popular Duck Fin tail, it produces strong vibrations and a flanking movement of the body. The slim profile reduces the lure weight and optimizes this flanking action. The ribs on the tail wrist assist it to fold back during ‘inhalation’ of the take. In addition they support the prolonged absorption of applied flavours and give off added signals. Suitable for slow and fast presentation – balance and action are maintained all the time.

Mixed packs contain 7 of each of the colours shown in the mix pack image

This is less than 58p per lure for the mixed packs and less than 52p per lure for the single colour packs!

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