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Preston Absolute Feeder Braid 150m

Preston Absolute Feeder Braid 150m
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0.08mm - 13.2lb - £24.99 - Out of Stockstock indicator
0.10mm - 15.8lb - £24.99 - In Stockstock indicator
0.12mm - 18.5lb - £24.99 - In Stockstock indicator



Absolute Feeder Braid... The ultimate braid reel line for the modern day feeder angler!

Braid has become incredibly popular among feeder anglers nowadays. It has many advantages to feeder fishing and can be essential to making the most of certain situations and venues.

Designed specifically for feeder fishing, Reflo Absolute Feeder Braid is constructed from an 8 strand PE material, making it incredibly smooth and durable with a really high knot strength. The PE fibres are manufactured with a special treatment which helps the braid to sink which also gives it the perfect blend of suppleness and stiffness, leading to effortless casting and tangle free performance. The ultimate in Feeder fishing braids.

Available in;

0.08mm - 6.00kg - 13.2lb
0.10mm - 7.20kg - 15.8lb
0.12mm - 8.40kg - 18.5lb

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