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Nash Fang X Barbless

Nash Fang X Barbless

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What We Say
I've used these on every type of rig when every other hook has failed. These hooks just don't seem to let go of fish.


Size for size one of the strongest and most versatile hooks available, whatever the situation the fast turning Fang X is the pattern trusted by top carpers worldwide.

Suitable for almost any bait and presentation the Fang X nails the toughest carp whether using particles, popups, snowman rigs, even zigs and maggots. Fished on stiff or supple links, long or short, coated or stripped, the hooking mechanics of the Fang X guarantee rock solid hook holds every time.
Renowned for their strength when the pressure is on thanks to the trademark Nash extra strength Japanese steel, and their reliability converting takes to carp on the bank, the Fang X has a razor sharp extended point for deeper hook holds, preventing losses under pressure.
Progressively curved with a 20 degree downturned eye the Fang X turns quickly when tied up with knotless knots, whipping knots and shrink tube kickers, its shape giving it exceptional antieject properties.
Finished with a frictionless nonglare coating for effortless penetration, the points are regarded by many experienced carpers as the sharpest available straight from the packet, with a long lasting finish to retain ultimate rig efficiency carp after carp.

Key Features:
Versatile pattern for all presentations
No additional sharpening required
Long lasting needle sharp point
High strength Japanese steel
Proven 20% stronger than hooks of a similar wire gauge
20 degree down turned eye for fast turning
Sizes 210
Additional odd sizes for optimum rig efficiency
Ten hooks per packet

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