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Nash Fang Uni Barbless

Nash Fang Uni Barbless

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A wide gape, inturned point Fang pattern, perfect for weedy and snaggy swims.

Wide gape patterns remain one of the most popular in use on modern rigs, and the Fang Uni’s 20% stronger Japanese carbon steel makes it the only choice for improved presentation and fewer losses.
An unbeatable pattern when the pressure is on, the combination of medium shank, beaked point and slightly downturned eye helps bury the point for secure hook holds.
A favourite for all types of venues and presentations, the Uni is exceptional with bottom baits, snowmen, popups and particle baits, the wide gape also making it a great choice for direct hooking floaters or naturals like worms and maggots.

Key Features:
Wide gape, beak pointed pattern
No additional sharpening required
Long lasting needle sharp point
High strength Japanese steel
Proven 20% stronger than hooks of a similar wire gauge
Down turned eye for aggressive hooking mechanics
Micro barbed sizes 210
Barbless sizes 410
Additional odd sizes for optimum rig efficiency
Ten hooks per packet

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