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MUSTAD Aberdeen Worm Hooks

MUSTAD Aberdeen Worm Hooks

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The Aberdeen Bait Holder hook has been an all-time favorite with salt and freshwater anglers.

This long-shanked hook is perfect when using long natural baits, such rag, or sand worms, or as live bait hook. In the Mediterranean, the use of long shank hook, is popular especially with silicone lures, when the target prey has a wide mouth and sharp teeth. The hook with a long shank can make a noticeable difference, as the target prey will find it harder to swallow while the chances of a hook set are increasing, as the leader line does not come anywhere near its teeth.

The Mustad Aberdeen Worm Hook is a true all-round hook, which can be used to present any bait for species ranging from small Whiting and Sea Robins to Sea Bass and Cod. Available in Black nickel finish.

Key Features:
4.3 UltraPoint« Technology
Opti-Angle Needle Point
Straight Long Shank
Ringed Straight Eye
Double Barb

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