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Middy Xtreme Pro Connectors

Middy Xtreme Pro Connectors

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Xtreme Pro-Connectors are revolutionary and incorporate superb features never before seen. The over-sleeve that rests up against the PTFE bush is made from soft rubber TPE material, so that any sudden whip-back (should a fish be lost) will not result in damage to your pole. They can be used with a main line loop being attached like traditional connectors, or a colour-matching Dacron loop, which is supplied in the packet. Just slide up the small silicone sleeve after looping the Dacron onto the connector. They are small, compact and very, very strong. The Dacron link will allow for even better float presentation and rig control and is often used by the very best anglers; the problem with it before was that it was never very easy to set up, but with these new Xtreme-Pro connectors you get the best of both worlds; an easy-use connector but with an optional, conventionally more difficult/technical Dacron link set-up made simple. Colours and sizes match the Hi-Viz hollow elastic range.

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