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Maver Signature 821 16m Commercial Package

Maver Signature 821 16m Commercial Package

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Maver - Signature 821 16m Commercial Package - In Stock




A true all round top level pole the new 821 will be the Ďtalked aboutí pole in 2020. Manufactured from the highest level of super high grade modulus carbon fibre, the Signature Pro 821 is finished in the elegant Suncore anti-friction surface utilising STER toughened epoxy resins and Nanolith technology. A superb upgrade from the legendary 800 series, this is technology at itís best. Months of planning, design and thorough testing has produced increased rigidity
strength in an already fantastic pole. The top 5 will also interchange for those with the original Signature 800, new 2 piece Matchlite, Commercial
Powerlite kits are included, 2 bi-conical extensions are added to the package as well as classy pole end protectors.

Commercial Kit Package
1 x Powerlite kit inside the pole
5 x Commercial power kits, slotted
4 x Powerlite kits, slotted
2 x Number 4 sections
2 x Short number 4
Pole end protectors on 11/13/16m sections
1 x Cupping kit
1 x Bi-conical extension 6-7
1 x Bi-conical extension 8-9
Pole holdall
protective tubes

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