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Maver MV-R Commercial Carp Keepnet

Maver MV-R Commercial Carp Keepnet
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A new purposely designed range of high quality keepnets for the commercial angler that have been developed and fully tested by the Maver product development team. Super strong, tough and, most importantly, 100% reliable.

The new MVR commercial carp nets will be the first choice for anglers in 2018.

Packed full of features and built to last, the rings are weighted to ensure that the nets sink properly
remain stretched out. Constructed from top quality fish-friendly super soft mesh with a classy dark finish helps to keep the fish calm whilst they are in the net. Featuring an over-sized top ring making it easy and quick to put fish in whilst in the landing net, with a screw thread that can be adjusted to any angle for perfect positioning. The smaller lower rings (bottom three) allow you to pull the rings through easily when weighing in.

Available in 2.5m

50 x 40cm top ring 45 x 35cm for the body of the net.

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