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MAP QRS 30mm Legs

MAP QRS 30mm Legs
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Stock Code: SB0012

From £14.99

440mm - £14.99 - In Stockstock indicator
440mm - 770mm - £17.99 - In Stockstock indicator
620mm - 1120mm - £18.99 - Out of Stockstock indicator
765mm - 1415mm - £19.99 - In Stockstock indicator



To offer total versatility, choose from four types of seatbox leg to extend the potentail of you MAP seatbox.

Also compatible with our medium and large side trays via a QRS female clamp, all legs feature a threadeds top for accessory attachment and an articulated mudfoot for improveed stability.

All extending versions have an internal lock to prevent inner legs from dropping out and full extend to nearly double their length.Detachable threaded accessory insert for accessories
Available in short (20cm) Medium (30cm) and Long (40cm) options

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