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Mainline Base Mix 1kg

Mainline Base Mix 1kg

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Taste, texture and palatability are essential considerations, because a carp, which finds a bait irresistible, is a catchable carp. We add amino based powdered enhancers and palatants, which not only serve to attract but also give a bait a
ound taste to complement the initial attraction. Mainlines baits are tailored to be instantly acceptable, but the long life of bait is a vital ingredient of their success. Our mixes are consistently successful throughout a season and even season to season, which is important when you consider the time, money and effort spent on baiting campaigns.

Lastly, but most importantly, a most valuable ingredient is confidence. Buying a bag of Mainline base mix is buying confidence in a bag. Concentrate on getting the location and terminal tackle right, safe in the knowledge that Mainline has already provided top quality bait.

The Cell is a completely different type of bait to everything that has gone before it.
The Cell is not a milk protein, fishmeal or birdfood based bait, it is the next step in nutrition technology.

It is designed to provide a protein source that is easier for carp to convert than fishmeals and birdfoods, provoking a sustained feeding response in all water temperatures.

Actively field tested over a two year period with truly outstanding results, and from a company you can trust.

The Cell is now ready to take carp bait technology to a new level.

The results already speak for themselves!

The original Grange took a place in angling history, History is about to repeat itself!

Using the very newest bait technology available, and working with the most advanced foodstuffs we, at Mainline, have created the new generation ‘Grange’ bait.

Underneath the unique savoury taste and active profile is a bait that provides the carp with their entire dietary requirements. Utilising our exclusive protein source ingredients and the triggers that made the original grange so outstanding we truly believe we have created a new ‘Superbait’ set to take the angling world by storm.

The New Grange is designed to not only stimulate, but to sustain, the feeding responses of carp in all water temperatures and, already, it is producing incredible results for the extensive team of field testers on every conceivable type of water.

The Pulse is a food source bait which uses a reactionary liquid additive to ‘energise’ the complex recipe structure. Based along the proven lines of previous winning Mainline baits but utilising new ingredients and a formula concept that brings out the very best of all the components.

However the most striking aspect of the Pulse it’s smell which is unlike anything else we have come across before! A uniquely ‘carpy’ aroma that is pungent and distinctly unusual you just know that carp are going to love it, and they do!!The Pulse is reddish brown in colour, packed with active Amino acids with a high protein profile, extremely digestible and suitable for all year round usage.

The ProActive Pineapple was released after the phenomenal success of the HighVisual pineapple popups and being put under immense pressure to produce a food source, pineapple bait. How many anglers have followed this massive trend and caught fish on pineapple popups, thousands of them so it seemed a natural progression.

We were already looking at some new and very interesting ingredients and thought that this would be the perfect opportunity to put them to good use. Midprotein, digestion, solubility and taste being the key factors to the make up of this bait.Natural in colour with a sweet, creamy, pineapple taste and smell, the bait is made with ingredients exclusive to Mainline Baits to ensure that there is no other bait like it.

Fuzion. A fishymeatysavory aroma and low in oil content, reddy brown in colour. A genuine all year around bait.

Activ Maple8 was launched in 2003, and although the name suggests it, this is not just Activ8 with the inclusion of maple, far from it, the complexity and make up of this particular product incorporates a high natural sugar content which in turn makes this highly digestible in useable energy.

Early indications have proven this product to be a real winner in all water temperatures. Activ Maple8 is one in an long line in dedicated base mixes from the mainline camp and expectations are high for the forth coming season for our latest food source bait.

Active 8. This is a superb all year round bait, being nutritional but easily digested. Fish take to it from the word go, many big fish being caught on the baits first introduction to a water. Its success on all the big fish waters it has been used on is unrivalled. The Activ8 nicknamed the eight ball, is the only choice for the dedicated carper after big, pressured fish.

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