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Korda Short Chod Rig Barbed

Korda Short Chod Rig Barbed
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The Chod Rig is an extremely effective set-up for fishing over debris on the bottom whilst knowing that your hookbait will always be presented in a way that a carp can still take it, and is a great option for casting to where youíve seen fish showing, without causing loads of disturbance trying to find a clear spot. But it can be quite fiddly to tie, and this ready-tied version takes all the hassle out of it and gives you something that must anglers would struggle to tie better. The components and knots used are exactly the same as those favoured by Danny Fairbrass, utilising our Mouth Trap hook link material and Choddy hooks.

Two different versions are available, Long or Short, depending on what type of presentation you are looking to achieve, with Short often being favoured on a naked chod set-up. Each Chod Rig is finished with a Ring Swivel to allow them to be threaded directly onto your main line or leader. They come with barbed or barbless hooks in sizes 4, 6, 8 or 10, with 15lb, 20lb or 25lb Mouth Trap (depending on the hook size). Each pack contains three Chod Rigs.

Key features
Ready-tied chod rigs
Tied to Danny Farbrass specification
Long or short versions
Barbed or barbless
Three rigs per pack

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