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Korda PVA Refill

Korda PVA Refill
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A refill pack for Korda Funnel Web PVA System. Once you have used all your PVA you should not throw away your system. Simply buy a Funnel Web refill pack and thread another 5 or 20 metres.

Funnelwebs main function is to create a PVA bag of any size in the minimum time possible - it can be made in less than 30 seconds leaving any other system for dust. Funnel Web minimises wasted PVA making it the most cost effective PVA bag system ever made. If you are not using it in your carp fishing YOU ARE MISSING OUT!

The refills are available in HEXMESH or MICROMESH for when youre using tiny baits in 5m or 20m lengths. Each refill is colour coded to match the correct PVA system. Ideal For: Boilie, chopped or whole, small or large. Its better than a stringer because it allows the baits to spread as it melts and not end up in a line. Its a great way to feed light baits much further than you can with a catapult. Chum mixers which will go up to 40 metres when a Funnel Web bag of them is catapulted ,especially if you add a dry stone to the bag before tying for extra weight. Danny and Frank Warwick qualified for the final of The British Carp Championships as a result of feeding mixers long distances using Funnel Web!

Key Features
Original funnel web PVA system refill
Slides straight onto your existing system
Excellent for delivering bait packages
Ideal to use with all baits

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