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Korda Leadcore Leaders x 3

Korda Leadcore Leaders x 3
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If you want to combine a helicopter rig with leadcore, and prefer to use a pre-tied leader, then the Heli Leadcore Leader is the perfect option. Each leader is tied to exact specifications on our 50lb Kable Leadcore and is as good as you can do yourself, offering a completely safe way to fish this set-up. These 1m long leaders can be used either for fishing with a conventional hook link, or with a chod rig, and are constructed using our Leadcore Chod Safety System. This system features a No-Trace bead, which ensures that your hook link comes free from the leader in the event that your main line breaks, and will easily pass over the leader knot. The Heli Leadcore Leader has a Kwik Link and Helicopter Sleeve at one end so that you can quickly attach a lead to it and a spliced loop at the other end to make it easy to attach your main line. Each pack contains three leaders, and there is a choice of Gravel Brown or Weed/Silt.

Key features
Ready tied leadcore leader for helicopter rigs
Can be used with conventional hook links or chods
Features the safe, No Trace System

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