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Korda Intelligent Backlead

Korda Intelligent Backlead
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When you need to pin your line to the lake, river or canal bed all the way from your rod tip to your rig either to avoid spooking fish or deal with boat traffic then the Intelligent backlead is the ideal choice. The clip on it allows it to be attached using just one hand, and helps ensure that it ends up in the right place when allowed to freely slide down the line, thanks to the low friction nylon ring which also aids bite indication. Should it become snagged, then it will easily come free from your main line. It comes in a choice of 0.25oz, 0.5oz, 1oz or 1.5oz versions, so suit any angling situation, and you get three Intelligent Backleads in each packet.

Key features
Pin down your line
Easy to attach
Low friction nylon ring
Comes off if it gets snagged

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