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Korda Flat Pear Cog Leads

Korda Flat Pear Cog Leads

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Centre-Of-Gravity lead

Full weight of the lead felt immediately when picked up

Flat pear version

Use with the COG System

Range of sizes to cover any fishing situation

COG stands for Centre Of Gravity, and reflects the fact that this lead is designed to be as efficient as possible when picked up by a carp and ensure that it feels as much of the weight of the lead, as quickly as possible. This is achieved when the lead is lifted from around the centre of one of the flat sides, rather than from one end of it, as occurs with a conventional swivel or inline lead. The COG effect is achieved via a hole in the lead in exactly the optimum position, which has a plastic grommet in it, which a size 8 Swivel can be pushed into. To achieve the perfect centre of gravity when a fish first lifts up the lead and to ensure that the rig is safe, it has to be fished with the matching COG System. The COG System (not included with the lead) contains a leadcore link of exactly the right length for the size of lead being used, along with a Lead Clip and Tail Rubber, and a Kwik Link allows you to attach your hook link. The COG Flat Pear is designed to be used at shorter range, and especially when casting onto slopes, as it will stay exactly where it lands. Available in a choice of sizes: 2oz, 2.5oz, 3oz, 3.5oz, 4oz, 5oz, 6oz or 8oz.

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