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Korda Chod It Tool

Korda Chod It Tool
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The Chod-It is the perfect choice for creating the perfect shaped loop in stiff hook link materials, especially for chod rigs and stiff hinged rigs. It is made a green-coloured, anodised aluminium, with a tapered body which allows you to create perfect round loops of any size, either where your stiff rig material connects to a swivel, or for teasing D-rigs on the hook into the perfect shape. As well as having a point at one end, to help create even the tiniest of loops, there is a mushroom-shaped cap at the other end of the Chod-It, which is perfect for bedding down knots and will fit through a Ring Swivel.

Key features
Create perfect loops in stiff hook links
Great for chod and hinged stiff rigs
Tapered body for different sized loops
Mushroom shaped cap ideal for bedding down knots
Anodised aluminium

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