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Guru X-Change Bait Up Feeder

Guru X-Change Bait Up Feeder
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Available in Medium 20g and Large 30g sizes, and a pack consists of both size feeders each with a different weight that will interchange with each other.

These two sizes enable anglers to feed their swim at the start of a session, without putting too much pressure on a standard rod setup.
Built to raise to the surface as fast as possible when retrieving, these are a fantastic tool that can cast super accurately and helps you to cast further too! Designed with a super-smooth profile on the exterior, in an optimum aerodynamic shape. This shape not only helps gain distance and accuracy on the cast, but also helps them retrieve smoothly. The body is also designed to come to the surface as quickly as possible on the retrieve, which is a great advantage when fishing near ledges, shelves or snags. The Registered-Design line attachment is freshly developed to avoid tangles, making the rig as simple as ever to give less scope for complications and breakages. This is made from a loop of 0.55mm Mouth Trap filament, which is super strong without any crimps. This runs through the body, making a clean, tangle-free loop. You simply attach it to the rig via a Snap Swivel, which leaves the feeder hanging central for optimum casting every time.
These have a special bonus feature in that you can change the weights by simply twisting to click them on and off. The connection is easy and quick, while being safely secure. The weights fit different models throughout the range, offering the most versatile set that they have ever produced. This weight design is weight-forward, for maximum distance and accuracy. Lots of fishing is done in difficult and testing conditions, especially in wind, when they perform above and beyond. Having this interchangeable weight system also allows anglers to cut-down the amount they need to take to the bank.

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