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Guru Super MWG Eyed Hooks

Guru Super MWG Eyed Hooks

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The MWG (Match Wide Gape) hook pattern has been a massive success since its launch, and there’s now a new version joining the already extensive range of Guru hooks.

The Guru Super MWGs feature a PTFE coating, which gives it a duller finish, as well as making the surface smoother to aid penetration and the hook last longer.

It is still a bit of an all-rounder, and can be used for a variety of different styles of fishing – everything from waggler or feeder fishing with hair-rigged baits, through to pole fishing for big fish on heavy elastics.

The wide gape ensures that as many bites as possible are converted into hooked fish, as does its beaked, ultra-sharp point. It is also the perfect choice to use when hair rigging baits as the over-sized eye means that it is possible to attach it using a knotless knot, even with heavier hook link materials.

Guru product developer Pemb Wrighting revealed: “This is a premium version of the already proven MWG hook. The Super MWG pattern comes with a durable PTFE coating and this takes the hook to a whole new level of sharpness and strength.

“This is a super strong eyed hook that is designed for feeder, waggler and pole fishing, and the over-sized eye makes it easy to use with thicker lines associated with targeting bigger than average specimens. It is ideal for all baits, including maggots, pellets, boilies and sweetcorn.”

The Super MWG is available now in sizes 10, 12, 14, 16, 18 and 20, and comes in a pack of ten

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