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Guru Square Bomb

Guru Square Bomb
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Rather than simply producing a standard bomb, which have remained largely unchanged since they were invented, Alex Bones decided to look at exactly what the modern angler needed from a lead. The Square leads are the result and theyíve been tailored to fishing on sloping lakebeds, such as those found around islands and margins. Because the fishing on many commercial waters now centres on these spots, itís vital that the lead canít roll down the slope when itís landed bang on the money. The flat sides of the square lead ensure that it wonít.

Whatís more, the dumpy, compact shape makes for the best bolt-rig effect possible, meaning that youíll hook more fish than with conventional leads. Because these leads are a little heavier than many used for match or pleasure fishing they are particularly effective at counteracting the drag effect of a PVA bag as it flies through the air. The Square leads are finished in with a coating thatís been formulated to match the lakebed found in most commercial venues

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