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Guru QM1 Hooks

Guru QM1 Hooks
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Just one look at this radical hook pattern will tell you that itís designed to stand out from the crowd. The unique, heavily swept shape and short shank have been precisely engineered to make sure that you land more fish. This is carried through into a sharp, beaked point thatíll provide super-secure hook holds.
Each QM1 is PTFE coated to prolong its slick, sharpness.

So, why the unique shape? Guru teamed up with mercurial commercial matchman Steve Ringer to design the perfect hook for hair rigging baits on bolt presentations. Their designs may look different to patterns that youíre familiar with, but the proof is in the hooking and you WILL lose fewer fish using the QM1s. The specimen market has quickly cottoned on to the effectiveness of the QM1 and some of the very best (and we mean VERY best) specimen hunters use the larger sizes while hair rigging for barbel and chub on rivers or tench and bream on stillwaters.

The QM1 is available in sizes 10, 12, 14, 16 and 18 and the hooks come supplied in a protective box.

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