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Grangers Down Wash Kit

Grangers Down Wash Kit

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Grangers - Down Wash Kit - In Stock




This kit combines our Down Wash with three handy dryer balls, making cleaning down so much easier.

Weíve all been guilty of avoiding washing our down jacket or favourite down sleeping bag. Itís scary isnít it? Youíve invested your money in a lovely jacket that keeps you warm and dry and yet in one wash you could reduce it to a clumpy disfigured mess Ė but taking care of your down is important. If you donít keep it clean, then it wonít perform as well, and this is why we invented our Down Wash kit, to take away that fear.

This kit includes:

Down Wash, a powerful, yet gentle, cleaner specifically formulated to clean all your down and synthetic down-filled articles without damaging or inhibiting insulation or hydrophobic properties. Normal detergents shouldnít be used on down articles as they can hinder the performance by leaving various chemical residues behind and reducing the garmentís ability to insulate or repel water. Luckily, Grangers Down Wash is exactly that, a wash that has been formulated to thoroughly clean down items without damaging the delicate material within.

3 dryer balls, which are reusable and perfect for preventing clumping and ensuring that down articles restore their loft. In the past, people have always used tennis balls, but these can actually crush down. We recommend these dryer balls as they gently restore loft, meaning your down will be back to maximum performance in no time.

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