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Fox Flatliner 8 Leg Bedchair PLUS Skills Camo Brolly Dome PLUS Sonik Cot Mat PLUS Bait

Fox Flatliner 8 Leg Bedchair PLUS Skills Camo Brolly Dome PLUS Sonik Cot Mat PLUS Bait

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Fox - Flatliner 8 Leg Bedchair PLUS Skills Camo Brolly Dome PLUS Sonik Cot Mat PLUS Bait - Out of Stock


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This amazing Combo includes
1 x Fox Flatliner 8 Leg Bedchair - rrp 359.98
1 x Skills Camo Brolly Dome - rrp 289.99
1 x Sonik SK-TEK Unhooking Cradle - rrp 49.99
1 x Dynamite CompleX-T Shelf Life Boilies 5kg 18mm - rrp 39.99

The Fox Flatliner 8 Leg Bedchair
New and improved design that helps to make it our most comfortable bedchair ever!
Completely flat frame for maximum comfort
Double hinges are designed to allow elastic to run through them ensuring consistent firmness in the whole mattress
Full Lumbar support – The head, middle and foot sections all benefit from our “Fold Over” Lumbar support design aiding the consistent firmness of the whole mattress
New one-touch Spring Loc leg mechanism (patent pending)
50mm deep mattress that is constructed from high density foam and hollowfill allowing for a soft touch but firm construction
The mattress outer perimeter uses a firmer foam to reduce compression on the bed frame
Features 8 legs – 2 x double legs on central section plus double legs on both the foot and head sections
Double hinges allow bed to be packed away with sleeping bag still attached
Side tension strap design (Two straps one on each side that go around the frame rather than over mattress) allows bed to be folded far more compact than beds with traditional single central strap.
Velcro strips on the central underside of the mattress allows for use with all Fox sleeping bag covers.
Sleeping bag connection zip on the underside of the mattress to allow any Flatliner Sleeping bag to be attached
Can also be used with other models of sleeping bag
Dimensions: Width 84cm x Length 215cm, minimum height 38cm, maximum height 52cm
Weight: 16kg
Outer: 100% Polyester / Filling: 100% Polyurethane

The Skills Camo Brolly Dome

The Sonik SK-TEK Unhooking Cradle
The SK-TEK cradle is a rugged no-no-sense piece of kit. The rigid walls and well padded removable base are all lined with fish friendly and heavy duty PVC material. The clever folding design means the cradle is compact to carry and quick to setup. The mesh base is quick draining and drying and the top flap Velcros in place to keep your catch calm and secure.

HD PVC fish friendly lining
Compact folding design
Extra thick base padding
Velcro tabs secure side walls – for optimum carp protection
Calming and protective retention over flap – with mesh inspection panel
Mesh base allows quick drainage of excess water
ASSEMBLED (CM) W 96 D 52 H 22cm
TRANSPORT (CM) L 98 x D 25cm

The Dynamite CompleX-T Shelf Life Boilies 5kg 18mm
Dynamite Baits Complex T Boilies are a new boilie range developed by Dynamite Baits and Terry Hearn, looks and smells a winner. Any bait that Terry puts his name to must be good and the Complex T range with it’s inclusion of Haiths CLO, LT94, pre digested liver and antarctic krill make this open textured bait a true year round boilie that will leak out even in the coldest of conditions.

With added Spirulina, the highly digestible protein which contains 7 vitamins and an incredible amino acid profile along with fenugreek and yeast, this bait really does have a huge amount going for it.

With Dynamites liquid feed stimulant providing real pulling power the result is a complex, deep, but subtle liver, fishmeal boilie.

Fish will recognise this as a natural food which can be digested all year round.

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