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E-S-P Leadcore Leader Heli Rigs

E-S-P Leadcore Leader Heli Rigs

Stock Code: 044010

From £4.98

Green 1m - £6.25 - Out of Stock
Gravel 1m - £6.25 - Out of Stock
Original 1.5m - £6.25 - In Stock
Gravel 1.5m - £4.98 - RRP £6.25 - Out of Stock
Orginal 1m - £6.50 - Out of Stock
Silt 1m - £6.25 - Out of Stock


Available in 1m and 1.5m lengths, and in four colours: Original Camo, Weedy Green, Sandy Gravel and Choddy Silt
These four dry colours darken down significantly when wet and can therefore be selected to match the lake bed.
ESP Leadcore is a highly abrasion resistant, extremely supple and leaders are spliced at both ends to give a streamlined joint with maximum breaking strain.
The Helicopter Rig is a good all round terminal set up with excellent antitangle and fish safety properties.
The 1.5m leaders are ideal for short to medium range up to around 60m where the extra length helps to keep more of the terminal setup anchored firmly along the bottom.

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