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Dynamite CompleX-T Shelf Life Boilies Bulk Buy Deal

Dynamite CompleX-T Shelf Life Boilies Bulk Buy Deal

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From £74.99

10kg : 15mm - £74.99 - RRP £79.98 - In Stock
10kg : 18mm - £74.99 - RRP £79.98 - In Stock
20kg : 15mm - £139.99 - RRP £159.96 - In Stock
20kg : 18mm - £139.99 - RRP £159.96 - In Stock


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This amazing Combo includes
Dynamite CompleX-T Shelf Life Boilies

The Dynamite CompleX-T Shelf Life Boilies
Dynamite Baits Complex T Boilies are a new boilie range developed by Dynamite Baits and Terry Hearn, looks and smells a winner. Any bait that Terry puts his name to must be good and the Complex T range with itís inclusion of Haiths CLO, LT94, pre digested liver and antarctic krill make this open textured bait a true year round boilie that will leak out even in the coldest of conditions.

With added Spirulina, the highly digestible protein which contains 7 vitamins and an incredible amino acid profile along with fenugreek and yeast, this bait really does have a huge amount going for it.

With Dynamites liquid feed stimulant providing real pulling power the result is a complex, deep, but subtle liver, fishmeal boilie.

Fish will recognise this as a natural food which can be digested all year round.

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