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Drennan Swivel Stop Beads

Drennan Swivel Stop Beads
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From £3.30

14 - Small - £3.30 - In Stockstock indicator
11 - Medium - £3.30 - In Stockstock indicator
9 - Large - £3.30 - In Stockstock indicator



Swivel Stop Beads are an effective anti-tangle stop for all running lead and feeder rigs.

The rubber bead is designed to house the top ring and barrel of the swivel and leave the bottom ring protruding and free to rotate.

Using a five-turn grinner knot in the following reel lines, the knot will fit neatly inside the bead.

The Range:
Small (size 14)
Medium (size 11)
Large (size 9)
Mixture of camo green, camo grey and camo brown

Each pack contains eight swivels and eight beads
Size 14 Bead/Swivel for up to 5lb (0.22mm) line
Size 11 Bead/Swivel for up to 10lb (0.30mm) line
Size 9 Bead/Swivel for up to 15lb (0.40mm) line

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