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Drennan Softfeed Groundbait Caty

Drennan Softfeed Groundbait Caty

Stock Code: TCSFG001-3

From £11.95

Soft - £12.95 - In Stock
Strong - £11.95 - Out of Stock
X-Strong - £11.95 - Out of Stock


The Softfeed Groundbait Caty features a special cup that gently cradles balls, barrels or soft, squeezed, hand-sized portions of bait and allows you to deliver it on target with amazing accuracy.

The Range:
Softfeed Caty with Soft Elastic - most accurate between 20m and 30m
Softfeed Caty with Strong Elastic
Softfeed Caty with X-Strong Elastic- most accurate between 40m and 50m

Spare pouches are available
Spare latex are available
Great for feeding balls of groundbait accurately

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