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Drennan Method Boilies

Drennan Method Boilies

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Tutti Frutti - £3.25 - Out of Stock
Pineapple Punch - £3.25 - Out of Stock
Crab & Krill - £3.25 - Out of Stock
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Drennan Method Boilies are avail­able in four highly vis­ible col­ours with proven fla­vour com­bin­a­tions, including white Scopex Syrup, pink Crab Krill, yellow Pineapple Punch and orange Tutti Frutti.

methodboiliesThese ‘matchsized’ boilies are ideal for hairrigging. They can be easily drilled to allow a Pushstop to be inserted or a latex band pulled inside with a Drennan Band Puller. They can also be easily ‘pinned’ with a boilie spike or bayonet.

White has to be the one of the most reli­able col­ours for a target hook bait throughout the year. Combined with the unmis­tak­able creamy sweet Scopex Syrup aroma it becomes a mouthwatering option for carp, tench and bream.

Brightpink boilies have really estab­lished them­selves over the last couple of sea­sons. We have added two powerful attract­ants in the shape of Crab Krill to create a highly potent combination.

Our yellow Pineapple Punch Boilies are boosted with a fusion of pine­apple and NButyric acid. This bittersweet recipe is a proven winner on the bigfish scene. We have found it just as effective for fish of all sizes and an espe­cially good choice for tench.

Last but by no means least, our vivid orange Boilies are infused with one of the greatest addit­ives of all time. Carp are drawn to our Tutti Frutti Boilies like a magnet and they have already accounted for some really impressive bags of fish.

Each tub of Method Boilies con­tains a mix­ture of both 8mm and 10mm sizes.

The Range:

Scopex Syrup (white)
Crab Krill (pink)
Pineapple Punch (yellow)
Tutti Frutti (orange)

A mix­ture of 8mm 10mm sizes in each tub
Ideal for hairrigging
Easy to drill
Easy to pin/spike with a boilie bayonet
Four highly vis­ible colours
Four proven fla­vour combinations

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